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Welcome to Monolithic Guild!

Mancy a posted Aug 8, 12
<Monolithic> is a raid progression oriented World of Warcraft guild located on the Alliance-Stormrage (US) server. We are primarily focused on enjoying and completing current content with a fun and diverse group of individuals. We have been playing MMO’s together for several years from WoW to SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, and back to WoW again. Many of our members have regularly featured in World of Logs rankings and taken down bleeding-edge encounters. We have many personalities and many different types of players from different backgrounds ranging from students to professional doctors. We strive to make sure everyone can enjoy the game within the guild and see as much of the content they want to see with people that are like-minded. We take content progression seriously with a group of friends and individuals we enjoy.

We are currently looking to expand our roster for Warlords of Draenor in order to reach our goal of Mythic Raiding. When we are looking at possible new recruits we look for a few things in each player:

1) We want players that understand there current class and spec very well. The better you know your class the better you play it. A detailed understanding theorycrafting for your respective class is a must. This will require extra effort on your part to study up and practice how to properly play.
2) Have a viable off-spec for hybrid classes. We have all done raids where fewer healers are needed or an extra tank makes a mechanic easier to deal with, dual spec has become a basic part of the game.
3) Be able to handle change. No strategy is perfect and our raid leaders will change a players role mid-fight if needed to enhance our chances of killing a boss. You should be able to listen for changes and follow through accordingly.
4) Treat your fellow guild members with respect. We have absolutely zero tolerance for guild drama. If you have a problem then please handle it like an adult.
5) Finally, a sense of humor is a must! We all enjoy raiding and we enjoy killing bosses but ultimately the goal of a guild is to have fun with people that are like-minded. We all like to joke and enjoy ourselves. We are also wanting social players we don’t want people that just log on for raid night then log off as soon as its over we want players that want to run old content for achievements as well as challenge modes and scenarios. These are all parts that help contribute to a healthy and enjoyable guild experience and we want our members helping their fellow members.

Monolithic Loot system

Monolithic is using an EPGP loot system below you will find the amount of EP given for each event that occurs within a raid week. We are using this loot system as we are preparing for Warlords of Draenor so when we get to mythic raiding we aren’t trying to find a system that works. An objective loot system also helps reduce loot drama and hurt feeltings.

EPGP reward system

On time: EP 100
Recurring every 45min: EP 100
Progression Boss kill: EP 300
Farm Boss kill: EP 100

Guild donations of herbs meat vegetables or fish 10 EP per full stack for a maximum of 100 EP for week.

Decay set at 7% weekly

Minimum EP of 1500 is required to be eligible for loot.

If interested in joining monolithic apply on our website or message any of the officers in game on the Stormrage (US) server, or contact Goose by Real-ID wedman202#1537.
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